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Part author’s family memoir and part historical fiction,  BY GUESS AND BY GOD is the saga of a family who lives the devastation of war... and seeks a new way of making peace.  

     As he finished his coffee, George reached over to hold Rebecca’s hand. “There is a nautical term--‘By Guess and by God’.

“You can make a guess. It can be a lucky guess, or an educated guess. By, in any event, it is just a guess. That is what I want to do.

“Now, God can take that guess, and turn it into pulp. But I don’t think God will. I think God wants us to find peace. He can take a bad guess and make it a success, in spite of ourselves. Or take a good, educated guess and bring forth fruit.

“We think that peace has to be this humungous, unwieldy effort across nations. But why would that be the case? It has never worked in the past. Why can’t one family become the standard-bearers for peace? I don’t know if what we try will come to anything. I am hopeful that God will honor our humble attempt.”

  PAPERBACK  (ISBN 978-0615652948 )



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